Young Autism Program

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Team members provide a transdisciplinary approach to learning where the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis are incorporated into the child’s day.

The child’s individual needs are met through providing ongoing formal and informal assessments, consistent implementation of methodologies in all skill areas, positive behavior supports and differentiated instruction.  

About Early Childhood Center for Autism

DDI’s Early Childhood Learning Centers in Huntington, Medford and Ronkonkoma offer a variety of preschool classes. We achieve a remarkable 88% placement rate of students into their home school district by Kindergarten. 

Our staff receives extensive training in the areas of Child Development, Health and Safety, Applied Behavior Analysis, Professionalism and Dignity and Respect of children and their families.

DDI’s Early Childhood Services prepare children for a successful kindergarten experience by providing superior educational services and therapies for those children who show a developmental delay in cognition, social language or emotional development.  We utilize Activity Based Intervention, discrete trial instruction and incidental teaching in a variety of classroom settings.  ​


The shared goal is to prepare our students for kindergarten by providing a high-quality, intensive learning experience.

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