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"If they cant learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn"

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To ensure the continued success of this program, it is critical that we privately raise $250,000 every year. The money we raise is used to provide an enhanced staffing ratio for the students enrolled at DDI's Early Childhood Services Center for Autism. This enhanced ratio can make a enormous difference in our children's education, especially at an early age. The success of our organization is reliant upon the support and participation of hundreds of individuals and business's.


"Hope has no barriers" 

In order to maintain the optimum student to staff ratio, it is imperative for all of us to be involved and keep raising funds so your children can achieve their full potential. This is the main reason that YAPCF was created. The enhanced ratio of the program, has been able to provide many children with a brighter future. Help us continue this tradition not only for our children but for future students as well.

The Young Autism Program Charitable Foundation is a non-profit, parent run organization, formed in 1999. The government, at state and federal levels,continue to cut funding towards our needs. The formation of our non-profit foundation seeks to supplement the unique educational needs of our children.

We encourage parents, grandparents and friends to attend our events and contribute to the continued success of our Organization.